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Rebecca Reusch, the disappearance that shocked Germany

Rebecca has disappeared in a virtually clueless case. The main suspect is her brother-in-law, but the victim's family denies his involvement.

Rebecca Reusch born in Berlin, Germany, has been missing since February 18, 2019. Only 15 years old and a fan of K-pop, the police have few clues about her whereabouts, so they never made significant progress in the investigations.

She used Tiktok a lot and especially Instagram, where she had more than 30,000 followers.


Rebecca has two sisters, including Jessica — one of the key pieces in this case, aged 27 at the time of Rebecca disappearance. They lived in the same neighborhood and were very close, despite living in different houses.

Rebecca used to spend some weekends at her sister’s house. Her parents always allowed this, since they were from the same family and Jessica used to be careful.

Rebecca Reusch / Photo: Instagram

The Disappearance of Rebecca Reusch

On February 17, 2019 Jessica’s husband, Florian, would be at a party with co-workers. So the girls could spend time just between them.

Rebecca’s mother agreed that she could go, but only with the promise that she would be on time at school the next day.

After watching some movies, Jessica went to sleep in her room, because she had to work the next day, while Rebecca slept on the couch in the living room. The next day Jessica left early, because at 7 a.m. she had to take her baby to daycare.


Just before Jessica left, Florian returned from the party with his co-workers. For the next few hours there would be only Florian and Rebecca in the house.

At 7:15, Rebecca’s mother called to remind her daughter to go to school, but her phone was disconnected. She then called Jessica, who informed her that she didn’t know because she was no longer at home. She then called Florian, who informed her that Rebecca had already left.

At first, Rebecca’s family thought it was strange that she was no longer at home, because school only starts at 9:00 a.m., and 7:15 a.m. would still be too early for her to leave.

Rebecca’s mother sent her a message on WhatsApp. The message was delivered, but never read. This at least indicates that her phone was not turned off.

At first, Rebecca’s family was not desperate, because they did not believe it was something serious, they believed it was just a miscommunication, so they did not call the police immediately.


However, hours went by until they received a phone call from the school informing them that Rebecca had not shown up. At that moment the girl’s parents reported the girl missing to the police.

Beginning of the investigations

The police released some pictures of Rebecca and the family was not very happy about it, they claimed that the pictures used by the police did not represent well how the girl looked, and that if someone was looking for her based on these pictures, they would not identify her due to the filters used on social networks.

Some people began to suspect that Rebecca might have run away, but the police did not believe much in this hypothesis, since she was much loved by her family and would have no reason to do so.

Florian, the first suspect arrested

On February 28, 2019 the police arrested Florian, Rebecca’s brother-in-law and her sister’s husband. This arrest was a shock to everyone, especially Rebecca’s family. But now the police had a prime suspect.

Florian, Rebecca’s brother-in-law. / Photo: Polizei Berlin

The main reason for Florian’s arrest was his contradictions in his statements to the police. These were:


  1. At 10:45 a.m., on the day Rebecca disappeared, Florian’s car was seen driving to Poland, on a trip lasting about 1.5 hours. The car was seen again some time later making the same trip.
  2. Florian reported that he arrived home at 5:45 am and immediately went to sleep, but according to the data from the internet router in the house, Florian continued to use the internet well beyond this time. In addition, Rebecca’s cell phone remained connected until 7:46am on this same router, and Florian had received a phone call around 7:15am informing that Rebecca that she was no longer at home.
  3. The police also found Rebecca’s genetic material in Florian’s car, but this is inconsistent evidence, since this car was also used by Jessica, so Rebecca had ridden in it several times.

However, Florian was released shortly afterwards for lack of evidence. But the police continued to investigate Florian until they arrested him again on March 4. Meanwhile the victim’s family insisted that he was not guilty and that they were looking for the wrong person.

Now in his second arrest and under police pressure, he confessed why he drove to Poland on the day of Rebecca’s disappearance: to meet a drug dealer. And returned to Poland a few days later because he had forgotten his wedding ring.

The police did not believe this story very much, after all buying drugs from a drug dealer is not a job that would cause you to lose a wedding ring, but burying a body is a much more opportune job for someone to need to remove, and consequently lose this object.

Based on the suspect’s story, the police searched the entire area Florian had traveled to Poland, both with helicopters and boats, but nothing was found. Again he was released for lack of evidence.

A new suspect emerges, Max

Rebecca’s family, in an attempt to help the investigation, referred to a “Max,” a person she had met online who did not live in the same town. Rebecca had asked her parents for permission to meet Max a week earlier, and they refused.


According to reports, Max had identified himself as the same age as Rebecca, however there is a possibility that Max is actually a sexual predator, and used this identity to lure teenage girl.

After Rebecca’s disappearance, Max also disappeared. He deleted all his social media and the police were never able to identify him.

Some years have passed and the case remains unsolved. The victim’s family chose to distance themselves from the investigations, after receiving several criticisms from the police for their lack of cooperation in the case.

The case remains open.

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  1. Where theres DRUGS, theres Crimes.. The brother in law Florian Owed Money, His sister in Law *Rebecca was traded for Drugs. He left his Ring as a Downpayment, she might of driven with him as he was Drunk, but, He drove with her to meet his Drug Dealers. What the hell is he doing Driving to Poland anyway, to buy Drugs, when he has a BABY & Wife at Home… Hes as Guilty as Sin. Trouble follows Drugs.. No matter how Kind an good the family thinks he is, DRUGS CHANGE PEOPLE. And he was in Trouble. Sad for the Sister, whose protecting this loser… Sad for the Family that they want to believe hes innocent, but hes NOT.. Sorry, he is directly Involved. Sorry to the Parents.

    • Do you know this? I am in America, hearing the story on youtube. It seems very plausible that the brother in law did this. Why isn’t he in trouble for the drugs? OmG, I hope he did not trade her for drugs, although, that is done all the time. How can the family be so sure it wasn’t him? The sister, Jessica, seemed kind of vague as well, in the version of the story I heard. The Max theory is interesting, but again, if the police know who he is, how are they so sure he didn’t do anything? Very sad, such a beautiful young girl.

  2. School starts at 9 ( to be exact on 9:50) and it’ too soon for Rebeca to leave the sister’s home on or about 7 am but it’s so normal and out of any suspicious for her mother to start calling her on 7:15 to remind her to get ready for school? And when Rebeca hasn’t picked up she has called Rebeca’s sister! In all sources have been mentioned family members were very close , how close exactly when the mother of the family didn’t know the older daughter is at work so instead of calling her she’d better take a walk to said daughter’s house ( which was very very close according to the reports) and check for her little daughter by herself! Not waiting for her older sister to call her husband and so on!!!!
    If my mother worries about me she will reach me personally if I’m in Mars and I’m not 15!
    Then she text her on WhatsApp? OMG! You gotta be kidding me
    I can’t go on and question the other Obscure points in this case! But I request and beg the police and investigators to stop accusing or checking or whatever that Florian guy for a day and start checking Rebeca parent’s house, phones, alibi, where they go on that date .. everything
    I’m sure they’ll find out what really happened to Rebeca

  3. What the hell? Where’s the cell phone data? Info should show location with pings as well as activity. Do the Germans not know how to decipher and read the cell data?
    If Florian is in drug business how come police didn’t find any drugs and arrest him on drug charges?
    Seems like they could’ve been able to corroborate or disprove his story of alibi.
    The Max character could find out where that account was created and used…


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