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Verphy Kudi, the mother who abandoned her baby for 6 days

Verphy Kudi, 18 years old at the time of the crime, abandoned her 20-month-old baby at home while celebrating her birthday in London.

Verphy Kudi was a young mother from England, only 18 years old at the time of the crime, who abandoned her baby for six days while partying for her birthday, causing her death in December 2019.

Who was Verphy Kudi?

Not much is known about her childhood and adolescence, but the girl experienced several episodes of domestic violence as a child, and also suffered sexual abuse, which may have triggered in her all the sloppiness that came to kill her baby.

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Her mother described her as a happy child, but at the age of fourteen she changed completely. She no longer used to talk to her family, skipped school, and spent several days away from home. When she turned fifteen, his whereabouts were unknown for two weeks.

After this problem, the social service took over the case and she was placed in a safe home for minors. At this time there was concern that she was being sexually abused, and six months after she entered this home, she became pregnant. There is no information about the paternity of the child.

The baby Asiah Kudi

Asiah Kudi was born on March 22, 2018, and from that point on, Verphy and her daughter began living in a Brighton housing facility for young families maintained by the YMCA.

While living there, the mother left her daughter alone on several times, that could be proven through images from security cameras located at the entrance of the housing. Six of these occasions were quite significant:

10/23/2019: the baby was left alone for 7 hours and 18min while her mother attended a birthday party in Brighton.

11/07/2019: the baby was left alone for 10 hours and 37 minutes.

11/09/2019: the baby was left alone for 17 hours and 13 minutes, the mother returned and then left again, leaving her alone for another 33 minutes.

11/23/2019: the baby was left alone for 2 days, 5 hours and 51 minutes while her mother attended another birthday party.

11/28/2019: the baby was left alone for 11 hours and 35 minutes.

Chronology of the case

On December 5th of the same year, security cameras showed Verphy leaving the building at 5:39 pm to go to London to celebrate her 18th birthday. Again leaving alone his daughter of only 1 year and 8 months.

Data collected by the police showed the young woman at several parties during these days.

On the first day, Verphy leaves home at the aforementioned time, meets her boyfriend, and they go out to dinner with friends. On this occasion she even tells her friends that her mother is taking care of Asiah. Also that night, she sends a text message to her mother saying that she is sick and promises to meet her when she is better.

On December 6 she meets friends in southwest London. A day later she attends a concert with a friend in the same area.

On December 8, three days after she abandoned her daughter, she appears in a video posted on social media. Verphy is at a party, and appears smiling when the DJ announces on the microphone that it is her birthday.

BBC Report, where Verphy appears in the video celebrating.

The next day she continues her birthday celebrations in the company of her boyfriend and friends. That same day she sends another message to her mother, this time asking for money and saying she has no food at home.

On December 10, she sleeps at a friend’s house, and only on the 11th she takes a train back to Brighton. She returns to the apartment around 3 pm. Totaling six days of absence.

Asiah Kudi found dead

Verphy Kudi spends three hours in the apartment with Asiah already lifeless, and does not notify the authorities until 6:06 pm. On the phone she said that her baby would not wake up.

When the paramedics arrived on the scene, they found the mother incoherent, distressed and distraught. The baby was lying on the floor, cold, and showing signs of rigor mortis.

Rigor mortis: is the process that causes the muscles in the body to stiffen resulting in rigidity due to a range of chemical changes in the muscle structure.

Paramedics discovered that Asiah was not breathing and rushed her to the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, where she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.


When the mother was first interviewed by the police, she claimed that she had been with the baby in the apartment the whole time, except for one visit she made with to London.

But the officers found the CCTV footage, and also discovered phone footage taken during his time away from home.

After being confronted with the evidence, Verphy Kudi admitted to the manslaughter of 20-month-old Asiah Kudi, who was left alone in her Brighton apartment while celebrating her 18th birthday in December 2019.

She travelled to London and Coventry, and had acted like a “carefree teenager

Judge Christine Laingm, said.

Judge Christine Laing added, telling Verphy that Asiah “was a helpless child” who “relied completely on you as her mother to provide for her needs.”

It is almost unbearable to contemplate her suffering in the last days of her life, the suffering she endured so that you could celebrate your birthday and your friends’ birthdays like a carefree teenager.

Judge Christine Laing said harshly.


Verphy Kudi, 19 years old, was sentenced to nine years in prison.

She will be eligible for parole after serving two-thirds of her sentence, it means, in six years.

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