Victoria Natalini case, victim of a school trip

A girl student from São Paulo, 17 years old, who disappeared in a school excursion is found dead. Victoria was a quiet girl and cute girl.

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Who was Victoria Natalini?

Victoria Natalini, a 17-year-old teenager, born on July 2, 1998 in São Paulo, daughter of engineer João Carlos Natalini, who works in the marketing industry, more precisely in projects involving the health area. The young girl was described by her family in interviews as calm, docile, and organized in her studies. According to her parents, the girl had the dream of becoming a chef and was extremely attached to her grandparents.


Case Date: 9/16/2015

A group of students from the Waldorf Rudolf Steiner school traveled to the “Pereiras Farm”, in Itatiba in the interior of SP. The curricular school activity to be developed by the traveling group consisted of a topographical study, where the class would calculate and measure the area of the land on a piece of equipment. The activity was worth a grade, the 34 students were divided into trios, and Victoria’s group included her, plus one girl and one boy.


Pereiras Farm Headquarters

According to a report in the Jornal Folha de São Paulo, at this site the groups of students were spaced apart, unsupervised, and around the land there were several houses of settlers, farm employees, and also of workers who were restoring a church at the time. This fact shows a lack of security at the site. Accompanying the group were 3 surveyors, 1 math teacher and a tutor.

According to reports from the students themselves,at about 2:30 p.m. Victoria would have told them that she needed to go to the bathroom which was located at the farmhouse, 500m from where the activity was taking place.

The field activity was over, everyone went back to headquarters and Victoria was not back yet. This time span comprised about two and a half hours since the girl’s absence. The classmates inquired of the teachers, who quickly began their search in the nearby lodgings and bushes. Victoria has not been found.

“When it was four-thirty in the afternoon, then her classmates came down, they asked about my daughter,” says the father. “The teacher asked them to go to the living quarters to check if she was there, she wasn’t, and, as incredible as it seems, this …. this teacher, this guardian, she put all the students to hunt for my daughter in the middle of the bush.”

Relates João Carlos Natalini, father of the victim.

At about 6 pm, one of the group’s surveyors found the student’s cap on a rock, which seemed very strange, considering that the item had sentimental value to the girl. A cook at the farm makes phone contact with the police, by this time six hours had passed since the disappearance. Shortly thereafter, around 8 pm, one of the school principals communicates Victoria’s father about what has happened.

The father immediately went to the place, arriving around 11 pm at the farm. By then the search was already underway, with sniffer dogs, civil defense agents, and military police. The next morning, local residents joined the search.


Body Found

On the morning of the day after the disappearance, the body was found by a São Paulo police helicopter in a forest far from the farmhouse. The forensics report was inconclusive, suggesting natural death due to the absence of wounds.

“It’s absurd, a girl who had a flawless diet, played sports three times a week, did swimming twice a week, was active, just had good habits, slept eight hours a night at least.”

Desappears the father.
Police searches around Pereiras Farm


Unhappy with the situation, João hires private experts. Badan Palhares states that the forensics work that day was way out of the ordinary.

Victoria’s body was found face down, with her arms crossed and her face inside her arms, which experts say indicates that the body was placed in that position and would not have died that way.

Second fact: two meters from the body of the teenager was a plastic bag, which was not collected by the forensics team that was at the scene on the day of the death. And third: next to the girl’s face was a piece of grass with blood on it. The grass was not collected by forensics.

“There were injuries, yes, abrasions, a bruise on the mouth, the foot had bleeding on the toes, on some fingers, we did not check any analysis of the sock she was wearing.”

Marks criminal expert Osvaldo Negrini.

Palhares and Negrini made a totally contrary report to the state’s where they categorically state that the teenager did not die of natural causes, and that everything indicated homicide.


“We have been briefing the police since the beginning of this inquiry. In Itatiba, when we tried to get them to investigate and there was no feedback from the sheriff’s investigation, and afterwards, when the investigation became directly presided over by the DHPP.”

Says the father.

According to the experts, everything indicated that Victoria had been asphyxiated and killed in a closed place, and later her body was taken to the place where it was found. The São Paulo IML prepared a new report that confirmed the opinions of the private experts.

The family is not satisfied that one of the main suspects, a former employee of the farm, has not even been investigated.

“We are talking about a person who had, first, a police record for attempted rape, and second, who had committed the same kind of physical violence, on the girl he tried to rape.”

Victoria’s father also questioned the behavior of the German Waldorf Rudolf Steiner school, where the girl studied. The school follows the Waldorf method, which claims to value the human being and work on physical, spiritual, intellectual, and artistic learning.

“Not only did they not take any kind of action to give us support, including psychological support for my youngest daughter, who was a student at the time, but they did not give any support to the family after the event, there was no interest from them to solve the case.”

“Each and every student who was to testify at the police station was being accompanied by a lawyer provided by the school itself, who was guiding the witnesses’ testimony.”

Says the father.

João Natalini also claims that some parents of students stopped talking to him, and that the talk at school was that Victória may have used drugs. The state and private forensics ruled out this hypothesis.

The owner of Pereiras Farm is an alumnus of the Waldorf school.


Criminal lawyer Simone Badan Caparroz, who works for the family says she has no doubt that much of the students and employees of the farm and school lied in their statements.

“There are several people who lied, they even had the opportunity to ratify the statement, but they didn’t do it, and we have already made these requests for indictment for false testimony, and we hope that they will be granted by the police authority that is now presiding over the inquiry.”

Afirms Simone, criminal lawyer.

In the Civil Court, Victória’s father won the right to compensation, but the school appealed.

“When you deliver a child to a school, the school becomes, from that moment on, duty-bound to protect the child, his integrity. Whether it’s an in-house activity at the school, whether it’s an excursion activity, whether it’s an off-campus activity.”

Says attorney Rui Reali Fragoso.

The criminal process to investigate the murder of Victoria has not even begun because the Civil Police have not concluded the investigation. The Department of Homicide and Protection of the Person (DHPP) said in a statement that the investigations are still under wraps, and that witnesses will be heard and tests will be conducted to clarify the facts.

The Rudolf Steiner Waldorf School said in a statement that it regrets the death of the student, has been cooperating with the authorities, is sympathetic to the family and is at the disposal of Justice.

The more time passes, the greater the anguish of Victoria’s father.


“I as a father, who has already gone through the phase, first of being almost killed, you know, by, by the sadness of losing a daughter, then by the fact of being with an immense sorrow inside his chest, because the investigations were not moving forward, now as a father who is completely flabbergasted and who has no other alternative but to ask for help from, from the authorities so that the police can do and finish their work.”


Victoria’s family has created a page on Instagram @victorianatalinivive and also a public petition for the punishment of the guilty. The case remains open and we are watching for any news.

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